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We provide ADHD diagnostic assessment, post-diagnostic advice, pharmacological treatment and psychoeducation for the treatment of ADHD. We assess and treat children from the age of six years old and adults of all ages. 
We believe in putting people in charge of their own care and supporting them to make informed decisions about treatment based on their individual needs and life goals. 
When it comes to treating ADHD with medication, as experts in medicines we value the need for clear treatment goals and a thorough evaluation of a person’s symptoms to ensure that taking medication for ADHD is worthwhile for that individual. Above all, we believe in finding the treatment modality that best suits the needs of the individual. This often involves a combination of medication and non-pharmacological interventions. 
We have close connections with other healthcare professionals who are also specialists in the management of neurodevelopmental disorders and psychiatric conditions and can offer interventions that might fall outside our area of expertise. This might include psychotherapy, coaching, or informal support through patient groups who have an interest in neurodiversity. We would be happy to refer you on if any of those interventions might be helpful to you. 

Patient Reviews 

We encourage anyone that has used our service to complete a review of the care that they received or that a member of their family received. This enables other individuals and families that are seeking ADHD assessment or treatment to identify services that can be trusted to provide quality and safe care. We subscribe to iWantCareGreat, a trusted site for healthcare reviews. A link to our profile and past reviews can be found below 

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