About Us 

What we do 

We provide ADHD diagnostic assessment, post-diagnostic advice, pharmacological treatment and psychoeducation for the treatment of ADHD. We assess and treat children from the age of six years old and adults of all ages. 
We believe in putting people in charge of their own care and supporting them to make informed decisions about treatment based on their individual needs and life goals. 
When it comes to treating ADHD with medication, as experts in medicines we value the need for clear treatment goals and a thorough evaluation of a person’s symptoms to ensure that taking medication for ADHD is worthwhile for that individual. Above all, we believe in finding the treatment modality that best suits the needs of the individual. This often involves a combination of medication and non-pharmacological interventions. 
We have close connections with other healthcare professionals who are also specialists in the management of neurodevelopmental disorders and psychiatric conditions and can offer interventions that might fall outside our area of expertise. This might include psychotherapy, coaching, or informal support through patient groups who have an interest in neurodiversity. We would be happy to refer you on if any of those interventions might be helpful to you. 

Why consider private treatment? 

In July 2020, a Freedom of Information request made by the BBC found that over 21,000 people were waiting for ADHD assessment on the NHS. (Read it here). 
The waiting time for these people ranged from over twelve months up to five years. The impact that results from these delays will never be fully understood. We speak to people on a daily basis who have seen their children moving through schools without support, students whose degrees have caused significant personal stress and families where a family member with untreated ADHD can affect everyone in that household.  
ADHD Treatments Surrey is an alternative option to lengthy NHS waiting times for people wishing to seek timely access to assessment and treatment for ADHD for themselves or their loved ones. It is incredibly rewarding to give people the support they need in an acceptable time frame and with options for appointments that fit around their other commitments. There are many options available for private ADHD assessment in the UK and we recommend choosing a provider that you feel most comfortable and confident with. 
Private treatment also allows for a greater choice of ADHD medication options which may not be available to you through your local NHS funded ADHD service. We provide private prescriptions through our service and have opted to use a single pharmacy provider, Signature Pharmacy because of their excellent patient care and service. Further information about the monthly costs for different ADHD medications on private prescription and can found in our Frequently Asked Questions document. 

Transferring to NHS Services from Private Practice 

If you are diagnosed with ADHD by a private practitioner, there are some NHS providers who may not accept this report and will want to complete an ADHD assessment themselves. We have never had the quality of our ADHD assessment reports refuted by a GP, NHS organisation or educational institution. Our assessments are performed to a high standard and meet the recommendations set out in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline 87 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: diagnosis and management
If you are started on medication as part of your ADHD management with us, once your medication regime is optimised (typically within 3-4 months), the prescribing can be transferred to your NHS GP under what is called Shared Care. You should be aware that Shared Care is not something GPs are obliged to take on and requests for shared care may occasionally be turned down. You should contact your GP prior to starting ADHD medication if you are unsure whether they will take over prescribing of your ADHD medication it has been started by a private provider. 

Meet Our Team 


Daniel Barry 

Daniel is the managing director and founder of ADHD Treatments Surrey. He is a qualified pharmacist with an independent prescribing qualification. Daniel has developed ADHD services for children, young people and adults across three different NHS Trusts. He has provided assessment and treatment for ADHD and developed group programs for people to improve their knowledge of ADHD and find strategies to manage their ADHD symptoms. Prior to practicing as a pharmacist independent prescriber in ADHD, Daniel worked as a specialist pharmacist in NHS mental health organisations for seven years. 
Daniel qualified as a pharmacist in 2011. He holds a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Manchester (2010), a post graduate diploma in General Pharmacy Practice (2014), post graduate certificate in Psychiatric Therapeutics (2016), and is a Clinically Enhanced Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (2019). 
GPhC Registration Number: 2077539 
Daniel's pronouns are he/him 

Nana Tomova 

Nana is a qualified pharmacist with an independent prescribing qualification. Her scope of prescribing practice includes the assessment and management of ADHD in young people and adults. As part of this qualification, she trained for twelve months between 2020-21 under the guidance of a consultant psychiatrist, and additionally under an independent pharmacist prescriber, prior to starting independent ADHD assessments and prescribing. Nana has over a decade of specialist mental health service experience in the NHS. Nana has also completed a Masters in Clinical Research, where she explored the narratives of people's journeys with mental health medicines. 
Nana qualified as a pharmacist in 2010. She holds a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Brighton, a postgraduate diploma in General Pharmacy Practice (2012), a Masters in Clinical Research (2020), and post-graduate certificate as a Clinically Enhanced Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (2021). Nana is passionate about collaborative working with people, and her professional journey has been inspired by her training in Motivational Interviewing, Non-Violent Communications, and most of all – her patients’ stories. 
GPhC Registration Number: 2074282 
Nana's pronouns are she/her 
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